Jonathan Edward

OD Catalyst

OD Catalyst at PACE OD Consulting, Jonathan delights in being an OD resource to help people realise their potential, and enabling organisations with customised OD solutions that are critically needed in light of the VUCA business landscape.

As a member of the OD Consulting Team, he is adept at listening to and understanding his clients’ OD challenges and aspirations, and designing OD solutions with PACE’s senior OD consultants. 

With more than six years of experience in customer service, business development and financial consultation, Jonathan began in the field of medical diagnostics with Alexandra Health, then entered the service and airlines industry with Singapore Airlines. Having been a frontline ambassador of SIA’s “Great way to fly,” Jonathan has developed invaluable firsthand experiences in serving customers from diverse cultures to an impeccable standard, and managing service processes. This has strongly positioned him to impart customer service resolution skills to his organisational clients. As a former Service Quality Manager for AIA, Jonathan was deeply involved in customer servicing, people management, and diffusing impasses amongst conflicting parties in high-stress situations commonly found in the insurance industry. He is exemplary of the value that “complaints can be turned into compliments.”

Jonathan’s investigative skills and background in diagnostics are instrumental in identifying, understanding and developing solutions for process management issues within organisations. Ultimately, Jonathan is passionate about assisting organisations to be the best in their industry.

In addition, Jonathan enjoys sharing his knowledge and equipping people to fulfil their professional ambitions to contribute effectively to their organisations and goals. He has also volunteered with various non-profit organisations over the years in a leadership capacity, and journeys with new leaders as they take on leadership responsibilities.

A graduate from Monash University, Jonathan holds a Bachelors of Science (specialising in Medical Bioscience). In his free time, he enjoys playing the bass guitar. Jonathan also spends time exercising at the gym as he believes that life can only be enjoyed to its fullest with an active and healthy lifestyle.



  • BSc. (Medical Bioscience)  - Monash University

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