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about the Real Leaders™ programme and certification process

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Real leaders engage, inspire and transform their people to become better version of themselves to be personal and professionally effective. The Real Leaders™ programme is suitable for all people - particularly those with leadership responsibility.

The Real Leaders™ is a research-based programme that delves on developing the WHO-NESS and WHAT-NESS of the leader, beginning with Character Development, Conviction with Courage and Credibility.

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It begins with engaging the leaders in self assessment and reflection with the Real Leaders 360° assessment and garnering feedback from the reports, peers, supervisor and others. Participants will learn to interpret their report objectively with the desire to want to work on the feedback to becoming a real leader who engages, inspires and transforms people.

The 2-day workshop will equip them with leadership skills that are built on the real leadership behaviours. Participants will experience the PACE Learning Engagement Methodology that is built on Mezirow's theory of Transformative Learning and based on Psychoanalytic Theory (Boyd & Myers, 1988) and Critical Social Theory (Scott, 1997). Undergirding the programme is our DESIRE methodology that will see them through multi-sensory learning, impacting the Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotive domains of learning.

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The Real Leaders™ certification programme will take around 3 to 6 weeks depending on your pace and schedule.


Completion of pre-reading materials (Real Leaders™ textbook, participant workbook, facilitator powerpoint slides, resource guide for facilitators and a 360° feedback token): 8 hours

Video Learning and Assessment

Completion of video learning and assessments: 5 hours

Completion of 4 online coaching session: 8 hours

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Our vigorous online certification is described as follows:

  1. Pre-reading: a set of Real Leaders material suite will be mailed to you: textbook, participant workbook, facilitator powerpoint slides, resource guide for facilitators and a 360° feedback token to participate in our Online 360° feedback assessment. The readings will help you familiarise with the Real Leaders content and approach.

  2. Video learning: A series of videos will walk you through the content and process of a typical 2-day Real Leaders workshop.

  3. Online coaching: In between the video learning journey, there will be online coaching sessions scheduled with Real Leaders Master Facilitator to answer any questions that you may have. This is also coaching session to ensure the candidate is immersed into the program. At the end of the journey, the candidate is required to facilitate a segment for feedback and assessment from the Real Leaders Master Facilitator.

  4. Online support: support is available via emails and teleconference. You will also be provided with Real Leaders related marketing collaterals and research materials.

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Real Leaders™ naturally evolves and integrates transformational and transactional leadership theories. It offers insights for a leader to develop their leadership capability to become an effective leaders.

The Real Leaders™ approach works from the inside out to transform the innermost being of each leader.

Real Leaders™ is research-based - it has been proven that real leaders have positive impact on their constituents.

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The investment is SGD 4,800 for the certification and it includes the following:

  • Copyrighted materials: Real Leaders™ Textbook, Real Leaders™ Participant Workbook, Real Leaders™ Resource Guide, Real Leaders™ Facilitator Guide (soft copy) and 1 token of Real Leaders™ 360-degree feedback with soft-copy report.

  • Access to Real Leaders™ certification videos.

  • 4 face-to-face coaching sessions with Real Leaders™ master facilitator, each session of 1.5-2 hours

  • Email coaching in the process

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Prior to the Real Leaders™ workshop, participating leaders are invited to participate in the Real Leaders™ 360° feedback exercise. This is an excellent platform for the leaders to assess their current level of leadership skills and invite for feedback from their manager, colleagues, subordinates and anyone that is part of their leadership journey.

The Real Leaders™ workshops typically spans over 2 to 3 days. This gives sufficient time to cover all material and for participants to internalise the concepts and principles.

The Real Leaders™ workshops can be conducted in modular format (0.5 to 1 day for each essential) or span over as a leadership milestone journey over 12 to 18 months, coupled with executive coaching and projects.

If possible, post-workshop engagement can be offered to create a community of practice after the Real Leaders™ workshop.

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  1. We enlist only experienced practitioners who share the same passion in wanting to develop real leaders with the ultimate goal to inspire, engage and transform people.

  2. These practitioners are put through our online certification that includes live contact sessions with our certified masters to equip them with both the content and process to effectively deliver the Real Leaders™ programme.

  3. They will be certified upon having achieved the criteria laid out in the certification program.

  4. We conduct follow up with the Certified Facilitator (CF) right after the first Real Leaders™ workshop to gather feedback and concerns if any, and coach the CF to do even better.

  5. We require CF to conduct the programme evaluation to garner feedback from the workshop participants.

  6. Follow up with CF and work on any issues raised in the feedback.

  7. On-going conversation with CF whenever the need arises to help the CF succeed.

  8. We may conduct surprise workshop audits to help our CF do better.

  9. We envision to have a Real Leaders™ facilitator network where the facilitators can exchange challenges, ideas and success of the Real Leaders™ programme.

  10. Update the CF on research findings and update materials accordingly.

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  1. Leadership development has always been in demand around the world, particularly in developed nations.

  2. The Real Leaders™ programme is research-based and offers unique proposition in developing leaders from their WHO-NESS and then WHAT-NESS to first gain the trust of their people, unlike other leadership solutions. Real Leaders™ is an Organisational Development intervention that equips leaders to shape culture and drive performance.

  3. We developed this product from our wealth of 21 years of experience working with top leadership and management.

  4. The Real Leaders™ framework integrates transformational and transactional leadership for a holistic development.

  5. Increasing your repertoire of offerings leads to more clients and revenue. In fact, leadership programs might strengthen your or your company’s brand equity in the market.

  6. With more product offerings, your company is less vulnerable in the event of economic slowdown.

  7. Leadership development is not an event but a development journey that takes anything from 12 to 24 months from the first day of the workshop. Based on our OD approach to leadership development, the clients are inspired to sign up a milestone development journey with several follow-through programs after the Real Leaders™ programme.

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A 5% discount will be offered to enrolments of 3 or more participants.

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Real Leaders™ Tesitmony
Real Leaders™ Testimony 2
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The RL certification is designed for experienced facilitators. For budding facilitators who are really keen to enrol for RL certification, we would have to make special arrangement to have the candidates to first learn facilitation skills which attract additional investment.