Fione Goh - PACE Facilitation Faculty

 Fione strongly believes that people development is a vital investment for successful organisations, which explains her passion in the field of Organization Development. Highly energised with clear goals in her life,  she is constantly seeking for opportunities for self-improvement and believes that leadership is the key driver of bottom-line results. Her commitment as Senior OD Facilitator has seen her travelled as far as France, Germany, Malaysia, Korea and China (Shanghai and Beijing) to implement OD interventions. 

Fione critically evaluates and connects abstract concepts to bring about refreshing possibilities, which has aided her greatly when she is engaging her clients in consultancy projects. Fione is no stranger when working with multinational companies meeting their OD needs. Her sound understanding and natural appreciation of diverse cultures allows her to play an important role in bridging cross-cultural differences between people.  With her extroverted personality and people-oriented disposition, Fione excels in relationship management and often connects with people from a myriad of backgrounds with ease. 

She engages her workshops participants through real stories, challenging their assumptions and inspires them to stay relevant in the real business world and overcome their personal barriers to achievement. Participants from her workshops often find themselves walking away with meaningful lessons that are real and applicable back to the workplace. 

As Head of Business Development of the Council of Advancement and Support of Education she oversaw marketing, membership services and sponsorship functions, develops membership growth and engagement strategies for APAC and champions project management of the Benchmarking Report and Graduate Trainee Programme. Fione’s skills, knowledge and experience impart valuable experience and insights to her learning partners.  Her bilingualism in English and Chinese languages often gives her an edge in understanding clients’ needs accurately, hence facilitating great success in addressing them.

Apart from being a dynamic, well-liked facilitator and change agent, Fione has assisted in the development of several Performance Management Systems and has helped to set up competency-based HR systems for her clients that range from the engineering to manufacturing industries. Her ideas are often generated through the interconnectivity and synergy of various disciplines and channels of knowledge. Fione is passionate in bringing meaningful changes to the people around her through the implementation of effective OD consultancy efforts.


B.A. Business Administration (with Merit), National University of Singapore

Certified Facilitator for The Leadership Challenge®

Certified Practitioner of MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™