Employee development has been recognized as a critical key to employee engagement, and companies who invest in such efforts will find themselves rewarded with a developing talent and leadership pipeline that will ensure the sustainability of the business towards 2020.

The adapted Service Profit Chain framework from Harvard Business Review further illustrates the impact of employee development on business outcomes.

Employee Value: Employee satisfaction results primarily from high-quality development systems, internal structure and policies that enable employees to deliver results to customers.  Value is created by satisfied, loyal and productive employees. In this aspect, the commitment to people development demonstrates a strong alignment with the creation of employee value.

Customer Value: The primary determinant of customer satisfaction is perceived value, which is created by employees who can successfully engage with customers and deliver consistent and excellent service outcomes. Employees who go the extra mile are the ones who are empowered and encouraged by the internal practices.

Business and Brand Value: Profit and growth are stimulated primarily by customer loyalty. There is service-profit chain research that suggests that a 5% improvement in customer loyalty results in a 25-85% improvement in profits.

Creating Employee Value

Research has identified several competencies that are required for an Effective, Efficient and Engaged Work Force for the future. Although different researchers and practitioners have different approaches to identify the competencies, PACE has found a similar thread among the identified competencies that give organizations the edge to succeed, and also thematized them into competency clusters that form the Employee Development Framework.


Instructional Design

  • Concept sharing
  • Case study analysis from renowned business schools
  • Real Workplace Scenarios
  • Video learning
  • Experiential activities
  • Simulation activities
  • Role simulations
  • Personal assessment
  • Psychometric profiling tools
  • Personal development plan


Target Learners

  • All Employees


Return on Investment

  • Increase in engagement and productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction


Development Programs


Developing Business Skills

  • Real Service
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategic Thinking Made Simple
  • Enterprise Spirit at Work
  • Problem Solving, Decision Making & Potential Problem Solving
  • Put Customer FIRST
  • Government Relationship Management
  • Pursuing PEAK Performance
  • Managing Your Effectiveness & Efficiency At Work


Developing Teaming Skills

  • Communicating At Work
  • Business Presentation
  • The Art of Thinking Together
  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity
  • Effective Working Relationships
  • Influencing & Persuasion Skills
  • Managing Conflicts at Work


Developing Self

  • Work Life Harmony
  • Managing Change Program
  • Change to Grow