EWR™, is an original trademark of PACE O.D. since its founding in 1998 comprises a series of relationship building programs.  Instructionally designed to hinge on MBTI personality assessment instrument, PACE offers a holistic approach, that blends Organisation Development with practical applications to provide its participants with the following competency-based one-day programs to enhance their personal and organisational effectiveness:

  1. Leadership Style and Personality
  2. Communication Style and Personality
  3. Conflict Management Style and Personality
  4. Selling Style and Personality
  5. Coaching Style and Personality
  6. Decision Making Style and Personality
 In effective working relationships, we uncover the self, team and leaders personality and style. Learners will better understand their selling and personality, understand what their leadership style and personality is, and identify the conflict and personality that arises in team settings. We also explore how communication and personality and, decision making and personality plays a part in conflicts in teams.   people development, behavioural change, sustainable solutions, develop, decision makers, increased productivity, positive social change, cultural change, comprehensive approach, participatory approach employee development plan, employee development goals, employee development programs, importance of training and development, development opportunities at work, importance of employee development, development opportunities for employees, people development training, developing others leadership, developing self and others in the workplace, total employee development, employee development specialist, employee personal development plan, employee development programs examples, developing self and others examples, employee training and development, developmental opportunities in the workplace
 Using MBTI, learners will appreciate the different leadership styles and create their own leadership style to achieve organisational effectiveness. 

Leadership Style and Personality

Leadership is the key to achieving organisational effectivness. In this program, participants will learn to appreciate different leadership styles, and create their own leadership preferences using MBTI®.


 Learners learn to use MBTI to appreciate the different styles of communication, understand their own style of communicating and leverage on effective communication strategies in the workplace. 

Communication Style and Personality

Effective communication is the key to getting information across. Using MBTI®, learn to appreciate different styles of communication, understand your own style of communication and how to use them efficiently to create effective communication in workplace.

 Learn to resolve the conflicts that arise from interacting with different MBTI types at effective workplace relationships. 

Conflict Management and Personality

MBTI® and different psychological tools can help us understand the underlying reasons for a conflict. In this workshop, participants will learn to resolve these conflicts effectively using MBTI®.