Derrick Teoh

od catalyst

OD Catalyst in PACE OD Consulting, Derrick is driven by his desire to see people grow into their fullest potential. As part of the OD team he helps to assess clients’ needs and in customising OD solutions, while simultaneously developing new business opportunities for the organisation.

Passionate about cognitive psychology and its effect on behaviour and performance, Derrick completed his honours thesis in Psychology titled “Willpower Knows No Limits ” with 200 participants from the U.K. and Southeast Asia. His research found that when people believed their willpower was a non-limited resource, they actually performed better as compared to those who believed their willpower was a limited resource. Empowered and inspired by the findings, Derrick has applied them into practical workshop settings, encouraging participants to change their mindsets in believing that they can achieve much more if they put their willpower to it.

Derrick discovered his passion for people when he joined a non-profit organisation. As one of the key leaders, Derrick has journeyed with many young potential leaders, from imparting knowledge to mentoring them to become effective leaders themselves. His previous employment in a customer facing role has also gained him insights into customer engagement, including handling challenging situations where he successfully diffused tensions between conflicting parties, leading to cases being resolved amicably. 

Easy-going and affable by nature, Derrick brings his compassionate leadership and professional experience to PACE and its diverse clients. 

Derrick is a graduate from Northumbria University (UK) and holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons). During his free time, Derrick is often found singing, playing his acoustic guitar and appreciating all music genres. 



  • B.Psy (Hons) – Northumbria University (UK)