Research continues to point to the strong correlation between employee engagement and organisational excellence. Employee Engagement OD interventions by PACE sees organisation receiving quality OD support and capability building programs to build, enhance and strengthen employee engagement for greater productivity.


A service experience that differentiates, has become key in providing an organisation an advantage over its competitions. Real Service aim to educate, equip and enable staff in embracing and delivering a culture of service excellence through building authentic service-oriented relationships with its internal and external customers.


In the quest to retain and progress the best practices and key success factors garnered by leaders and organisation members over time, the ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ OD interventions help organisation setup an effective coaching and mentoring system to manage the effective sharing of knowledge. At the same time, it also equip successful organisation members with the competencies to share and cascade to others, the valuable knowledge and insights behind their success.


The achievement of organisation goals begin with the achievement of individual and team goals. One of the fundamentals for business performance excellence lies in the ability of leaders to manage the people’s performance. HCVP OD interventions marks a series of capability building programs targeted to educate, equip and enable leaders and staff alike to create a culture of accountability through employee performance, engagement and retention. At the same time, organisation can be further supported by quality consulting support to setup or fine-tune the performance management system and processes of the organisation to support meaningful performance engagement for organisation excellence.


With the speed of change in an exponential pace, organisation members are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the speed of change despite understanding its importance.  ‘Change to Grow’ is a developmental program designed to equip both leaders and organisation members to ride on the winds of change for growth and sustainability.


The new competitive requirements - quality, innovation, customer responsiveness and flexibility - demands a concerted and enthusiastic efforts from everyone in the organisation. It demands an organisation filled with people taking lead in improving processes, collaborating on products, and responding appropriately to the ever-changing markets. The‘Leadership is Everyone’s Business’ develops leadership awareness and competencies of all employees to encourage leadership at every level of the organisation to rise up to the demands of today’s marketplace.