Are your organisation’s values part of its culture?


An organisation’s values are a crucial part of its culture.
To help illustrate this, culture can be thought of as an iceberg, as conceptualised by Edward Hall in 1976.

The visible parts of an organisational culture (i.e. employee benefits and perks) is often just the tip of the iceberg. It is heavily influenced by what lurks beneath the surface - the core values of the organisation.

These are the underlying beliefs, assumptions and values that drive actions in an organisation.
Organisational culture should therefore be thought of in terms of its core values. This aligns individuals to these values and the organisation’s core, priming organisations to achieve great things through their people.

Real Culture

Achieving Strong Values-Aligned Organisational Culture

Too often, culture implementation programmes focus only on helping organisations realise their desired cultures, but rarely examine and align the deeply entrenched values that inform the organisation’s culture. This is why culture interventions rarely succeed.
Inspired to help organisations create a Real Culture that is fully aligned with its core values, our co-founders Dr Peter and Dr Lily Cheng created a 4-phase culture intervention programme that begins with the organisation’s core values in mind:


1. Articulation - We facilitate sessions to identify and deepen the meaning of your organisation’s core values. We then translate the desired culture into actual ways of working.


2. Communication & Cascading - We then empower the communication of core values throughout the organisation. To do so, we initiate organisation-wide activities to enable employees to accurately absorb these core values


3. Realisation and Alignment - This highly sought-after step helps employees bring these core values into action by facilitating the application and experience of organisational values, and reviewing policies and practices.


4. Sustenance - Finally, we ensure the new culture sticks. We partner your organisation to identify trained core value champions within the organisation to ensure the new culture takes off.



Make Your Organisation’s Culture Real

Real Values-Driven Culture provides the framework to facilitate organisations to have a clear sense of core values that influence and drive organisational behaviours in their bid to achieve organisational goals.

The four phases can be implemented over 3-6 months depending on the client's needs and resource availability. Clients can expect to be guided by PACE consulting team to articulate their organisation core values, formulate strategies to communicate and cascade the values, ensure their people live out their espoused values, identify the policies and practices that need alignment and finally put in place key initiatives to sustain the core values within the organisation.

If you can imagine, you can envision.Vision brings people to places they have never been before.
— Dr. Peter Cheng, Co-founder of PACE OD Consulting


Endorsements from Some of Our Clients

‘We engaged PACE, with Peter Cheng as the lead consultant, in a 3-month project to help us to design, facilitate and communicate our regional vision statements to all our stakeholders. The Bridgestone project team had a positive experience with Peter and his team throughout the entire journey - from the initial discussion, to project implementation, and to post-project debrief session. Peter was very passionate in helping our company to achieve the objectives at every stage of the project. He actively listened to our requirements and was flexible in meeting our last minute requests, in the light of changing requirements. In addition, Peter and his team were very responsive whenever contacted in any form of communication. They excellently availed themselves whenever we needed them. We appreciate the time and patience that Peter had devoted to this project as the lead consultant. He truly exemplifies PACE’s mission of helping organisations grow and become better at what they do.’

  • ‘It helped in aligning core values within staff and boosted staff morale and bonding.’

  • ‘Points a clearer picture of company’s direction.’

  • ‘Important for achieving company objectives.’

‘I thought this was a well-run course with a very knowledgeable instructors. Obviously they are very experienced and very well-read. I liked how they brought in concepts from business books like from Good to Great.’

Licensing of Real Culture™

Real Culture™ is part of our Real series of OD solutions and tools that can be licensed to international OD practitioners for delivery in their own countries via PACE OD International. Through licensed partnerships, we work together towards realising the vision of organisations thriving in the evolving global economy through our quality OD content.