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Crafting a real organisational experience

Our second white paper in the Real Insights series, Crafting a Real Organisational Experience is a result of our research behind the development of Real Organisational Experience (ROE) assessment, a diagnostic tool designed to provide organisations with insights into their internal state by capturing authentic voices from organisational members regarding their experience being part of the organisation. 

In today’s highly competitive business landscape where concerns over talent acquisition and retention are on the rise, it is imperative for organisations to craft a compelling employee experience—or as we call it, the Real Organisational Experience—to meet the rising expectations of today’s valued talents and increase the chances to attract and retain them.

Leveraging over three decades of practitioner experience, our OD experts have expanded on Deloitte’s Simply Irresistible Organisation™ Model and crafted the ROE framework to summarise the key factors of a compelling organisational experience as the foundation to the ROE assessment. This Crafting a Real Organisational Experience research built upon the ROE framework to uncover the relative importance employees in general place on each of the ROE framework’s factors in terms of their contribution to creating a Real organisational experience.