Pfizer - Dr. Prasad Kanneganti

"PACE provided Pfizer with a very personalised approach to leadership development. PACE facilitated the discovery of my inner strengths and how we bond with other colleagues and understand their strengths and weaknesses. These are values that are already present in all of us, but PACE helped us to discover them."
–Dr. Prasad Kanneganti, Director, Quality Operations, Pfizer Global Manufacturing

Panasonic - Yuko-san

"Thank you so very much for your strong support to our Talent Management and Executive Development Programs. I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to PACE team for always providing us the training above our expectations. I'm really impressed by your training approaches, content, and most of all the passion towards the people and their growth. I, myself, also enjoy and learned from your sessions. THANK YOU!”
-Yuko-san, Human Resources Manager, Panasonic (APAC)