Clara Woerdenweber

OD Partner, Strategic Marketing & Client Servicing

As a strategic marketer here at PACE, Clara is responsible for quantifying marketing initiatives using inbound methodologies to bring not any kind of customer to PACE, but those who truly benefit from our services. She is mindful of educating and delighting leads, customers & advocates with useful & inspiring OD content.

Clara has a wide breadth of international experience, having studied in Germany, Turkey & Argentina, she now moved to Singapore to start her career in the fast paced & multicultural environment of Singapore. These cultural experiences have bestowed her with traits such as flexibility, adaptability and openness to change. Having studied Social Sciences at the undergraduate level and Business Psychology at the masters level, Clara is very passionate about organisational development, incorporating her knowledge about human behavior at work into the content she produces for our viewers.

In her free time Clara loves to go running and exploring Asia. She firmly believes that experiencing different cultures, working and building relationships with people across the globe leads to broadening of horizons, enriching oneself and growing as a person.




  • M.Sc. (Business Psychology & Change Management) - SRH Fernhochschule, Germany

  • B.A. (Social Sciences) - University of Cologne, Germany

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