Embracing change is the key to organisational survival in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.


Yet only 30% of change programmes have been found to succeed (Kotter)

Succeeding at Change


Successful change inspires committed action from individuals.

But what facilitates this? Our founder Dr Lily Cheng set out to identify this. She conducted extensive research into 200 organisational change processes and discovered the 9 Enablers of Change™, which were found to work together to increase individual commitment to change.
This has since been published in the Journal of Business Review and developed into our Real Change™ framework.

Broadly classified into three major groups - The Content, Context and Process of Change - these 9 Enablers can help your organisation achieve sustainable, successful change.

Content Enablers

The content of change is the “what” of change - the type or substance of change.


Context Enablers

The focuses on the forces or conditions in an organisation’s external and internal environments which influence the implementation environment of change.


Process Enablers

This refers to the process of change, or the process of implementing change.



What's so unique about Real Change™?

  • Although numerous frameworks for planned organisational change exist, Real Change™ was developed in a way that eliminates the gap between theory and practice by incorporating the perspectives of OD practitioners. Ultimately, each of the three dimensions — content, context and process — of the Real Change™ Framework are within the circle of control of the OD practitioner, ensuring that change initiatives can be successfully implemented.

  • While the different dimensions of change are clearly detailed in other models of organisational change, Real Change™ goes further to explore the interdependencies between its 9 Enablers of Change and looks at them in a continuum, recognising that these enablers work together to enhance organisational change and that change transition is a journey.

  • Real Change™ is not a one-off classroom event, but walks with you through your change journey via a range of different learning sessions, including focus group interviews, open cafe facilitation, group coaching and skills-equipping workshops, all carried out in an interactive and authentic setting to suit your specific learning needs.


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