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Going Global with PACE ODI

Written by Joel Cheng

Director, International Partnerships


Hello Readers!


As the ODI team carries on building towards our vision for 2017, we have to regularly assess our positions and strategies we have in place to meet our targets. We hope to be able to share new insights and possibly success stories as we continue to reach out and expand our Licensed Partner Network.


Currently among our distributors, we are working closely towards the launch of Real Leaders in Taiwan in April. The dates have not been finalised, but do keep an eye out in our next issue so you can mark it down on your calendars. This launch will include a Real Leaders Conference - so if you are based in Taipei or know of anyone there who is interested in learning more about our core leadership program, please drop us an email at to register your interest!


On the production front, our design team has been rigorously working to refresh and strengthen our Real series branding! Here is a quick sneak peak of our new workbook designs.

Real Performance by PACE OD Consulting - pursuing peak performance for appraiser 
Real Performance by PACE OD Consulting - Career Management Conversations
Real Performance by PACE OD Consulting - talent management skills for employee retention strategies

Till next time!


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