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How do we measure change? The magnitude of change in an organisation could range from large-scale, like a merger or acquisition, or a smaller-scale one such as an adjustment in task timelines. But another way to look make sense of change could be to look at its “hardware” versus its “heartware".

Real Issues: MY BOSS…and my Facebook friend

Real Issues: MY BOSS…and my Facebook friend

Would you accept a Facebook friend request from your manager or senior leader? What would be the first thought in your mind if this ever happens to you?

But the converse is an interesting question — as a manager or senior leader, would you create a Facebook account in order to engage your constituents? This may sound like an extreme, but as we’ll share in this article, the principle behind why one might consider doing so undergirds all the following practical testimonials of how we have seen engaging leadership behaviours being weaved into the leadership philosophy of some of the most effective leaders we have partnered: