By Joel Cheng

Director, Strategic Partnerships (ODI)


This month we had a great time in Tokyo as the Pace ODI team flew up to Tokyo for our first international training trip! We are glad to announce our first international licensed partner: J.Feel (www.j-feel.jp). 

During this trip both Drs. Peter and Lily Cheng took turns training and developing 5 trainers from J.Feel over the course of four and a half intensive days. All 5 trainers did a great job and are now certified Real Leaders Facilitators. As such, J.Feel is now a licensed Real Leaders' distributor in Japan. 

PACE ODI also licenses our Real OD Solutions for Corporate Organisations. Enquire now to find out how your organisation can undergo a Train the Trainer process to be certified for any of our Real OD Solutions.

Being in Japan and watching the process of the Japanese trainers undergoing the Train-the-Trainer session was surreal and inspiring at the same time. Through Real Leaders, the trainers gained new leadership insights and were excited at the prospect of bringing this product to their clients. To have people from a different country and culture believe in and support our work was a great encouragement to the whole team.

August marks a significant milestone for the team as we continue on our international journey of expansion. With your support and our efforts, we hope to avail quality OD content in more and more regions in the following months and years to come. For now, please enjoy a selection of snaps from our trip to Tokyo!