By Jean Lee The final whistle of World Cup 2014 has been blown after an exhausting match that lasted a good 120+ minutes! Though I’m not a huge soccer fan, watching the match between Germany and Argentina reflected an amazing test of the players’ resilience and endurance amongst other things.

As I watch the game, I can’t help but notice the coaches at the side fighting a different type of battle from their players. There, they saw their players fighting hard for opportunities, missing opportunities that were presented, getting injured in the process, getting back into the game again after being injured to keep fighting for what they have prepared so long for. It’s hard to imagine what was in the coaches' mind most of the time but one thing is for sure - the battle they faced isn't any lesser than the one that their players were facing.

Reflecting back to the corporate roles of leaders as 'coaches' many a times, just want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of those who had at one point or another, dedicated part of their life in growing another. My wish for you is that when the whistle finally blows, you will experience that enormous satisfaction of being the mentor of a winning team.

Kudos to all coaches out there!