Real Stories: Partnering for Excellence

Real Stories: Partnering for Excellence — How a Leading Airport Services Provider Deepened its Performance Management Practices


by Jean Lee

General Manager

Every month, we share a Real Story to celebrate the joint success of a working partner who has transformed their organisation through various OD interventions. This month, we share about a leading airport services provider, most recently awarded “World’s Best Airport" for the fourth year in a row.

Our partner’s OD journey began in early 2012, with the organisation adopting and raising the awareness of the philosophy Partnering for Excellence, where performance management was identified as a cornerstone tool for organisational excellence.

Working hand-in-hand with our partner's stakeholders, PACE customised, contextualised and developed a series of developmental programs catered for various groups within the organisation, Together, our aim was to equip and enable each group to excel in their roles, and contribute to the overall desired performance outcomes of the organisation.

PACE partnered the airport services provider in the following areas:

• Equipped and enabled the senior leadership team in managing strategic performance excellence

• Strengthen capabilities of the HR professionals in supporting strategic and operational performance excellence 

• Educated, equipped and enabled Leaders and People Managers to effectively embrace their roles of leading and engaging their teams for performance excellence

• Educated, equipped and enabled staff to effectively take ownership of their performance and their roles as performance maximisers for the organisation

Concurrently, PACE also helped the organisation review and refine their performance management system to ensure alignment in support of their OD journey. Our partner made integrated updates and changes to the system, and communicated them in a timely manner during the learning programs. Experiences and feedback of the people were sought after, understood and translated into refinements to keep the system and process relevant for the users.  

Within 2 years from the launch of this journey, significant changes were observed in the strengthened Partnering for Performance organisational culture. Discussion focus shifted from attempting to clarify the understanding of performance expectations, to the development of meaningful work targets and goals that would motivate employees to drive for breakthroughs.


From strength to strength, our partner’s people strategy has evidently translated into desired business outcomes. On 17 March 2016, it was announced that the organisation was awarded ‘World's Best Airport’ for the fourth year in a row. Amongst others, the 2016 Randstad Awards* also saw our partner climbing from being the 3rd Most Attractive Employer (2015), to the Most Attractive Employer in Singapore.

*The Randstad Award is based on the outcome of the world’s largest survey into employer branding and is the only award which is truly representing "the people’s choice". This extensive research surveys over 200,000 respondents across different age groups, genders and educational levels, and covers 75% of the global economy. Our partner, a leading airport services provider, took first place in categories including, financial health, good training, long-term job security, strong management, pleasant working atmosphere and environmental and social awareness.


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