Peter Cheng, PACE’s Executive Director and co-founder has attained his doctorate in Education from Monash University. His achievement is a testament to his pursuit of educational excellence, placing him among the elite in the Organisation Development industry along with PACE’s CEO Dr. Lily Cheng. Dr. Cheng’s doctoral thesis, Perceived Credibility Of 360-Degree Feedback & Evaluation of Outcome And Attitudes Toward Behavioural Change, critically analysed how Perceived Credibility of a 360-degree feedback and Evaluation of Outcome impact ratees’ attitudes towards behavioural change. The study adopted a qualitative-dominant mixed method approach.

While this doctorate is a major milestone in Dr. Cheng’s lifelong pursuit of academic excellence, it is his intention to leverage on the findings of his research to enhance the practice of OD. This is applauded by one of the thesis examiners, Professor Hall who cited "This is the story of one scholar starting with experience and reflections about his practice, going to research and theory, and then on to improved practice. This is what scholarship is about. This thesis is well written. The rationale for this study is well developed. The study does add a piece to the extensive literature and application of 360-degree feedback."