Herb Kelleher, the retired CEO of Southwest Airlines, once commented: “At other places managers say that people are their most important resource, but nobody acts on it. At Southwest, they’ve never lost sight of the fact.”

Employee differentiation today lies in the skills, knowledge and motivation of the organisation’s workforce as competition increases in the global economy. To this end, what prize do organisations bring to their stakeholders for the price they pay?

Your Organisation Culture Checklist:

  1. Growing Self—the ability to focus on one's personal and professional development, and take action to achieve one’s maximum potential.
  2. Developing Business Thinking—the ability to translate a vast amount of data into abstract concepts, understand data-based reasoning, and understand concepts across multi-disciplines.
  3. Driving Excellence—the ability to represent and develop tasks and work processes for desired outcomes, and work productively.
  4. Engaging Others—the ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and simulate reactions and desired interactions, operating in different cultural settings.
  5. Impacting Others—the ability to drive engagement, demonstrate presence as a member and leverage on persuasive communication strategies for effective performance outcomes.

Your People and Performance Checklist:

  • Does your organisation embrace value-adding and value-creating practices?
  • Do all employees take ownership of their performance and utilise performance systems, tools and mechanisms effectively?
  • Is performance management perceived as a complete cycle that includes performance planning, ongoing performance coaching and performance evaluation and reinforcement?
  • Does your organisation raise self-awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is your organisation’s commitment to acquisition of knowledge and capability building a competitive advantage that cannot be taken away?
  • Does your organisation enhance employees’ global presence as the diversity of culture increases in the workplace of today and tomorrow?