This year is a truly memorable year for Singapore as she celebrates her golden jubilee in history with pride. Singapore’s development from her birth to the point where she is now is truly remarkable. What is the secret to the success of Singapore? For the answer to this, we would like to reflect upon Deputy Prime Minister, Tharman’s dialogue at St. Galen Symposium 2015. He shared on how Singapore transformed her permanent disadvantage into a permanent advantage. Singapore, having a collective will to succeed, was and is most instrumental in where she is today.

Singapore’s choices for adopting intrusive policies in real estate, policies to help those who took personal responsibilities, strong inclusion policies and practices allowed Singapore to celebrate our 50th year history in grandeur, all the while staying humble. We learn from others, learn from other countries and adapt to our disadvantage of smallness to stay ahead of competitions in better-resourced countries around us.

PACE’s success in its last 18 years as an OD partner to many organizations mirrors Singapore’s way of success in that, we have a distinct competitive advantage by having attracted, developed and retained passionate and intelligent OD people with diverse backgrounds and education.

In spite of our lean structure, the PACE team is highly qualified and competent in the OD front, meeting the diverse needs of our clients providing REAL Help to translate into REAL Results.

Additionally, we are connected and have strong partnerships with OD experts like Prof. Ed Schein, Dr. Ellen, Dr. Amy Edmonson, Dr. Bill Isaacs, Dr. Michael Marquardt, Jim Kouzes and Prof. Barry Posner to design and deliver world-class OD solutions. We believe we are on the right track to realizing our vision to co-create a flow of transformation for organization effectiveness.

PACE invests in R&D to innovate and offer more effective OD interventions to meet the changing needs of our clients and relentlessly pushes the quality boundaries in the domains of leadership development, culture integration, people development, performance enhancement and strategy development.

Into its 18th year of partnering with MNC clients across Asia and Europe to resolving their OD needs,  PACE’s enhanced vision, “To co-create a flow of transformation for organization effectiveness”, aptly reflects its works that continually provide REAL help to organizations that aspire to transform for excellence.

Practicality, commitment, authenticity, adaptability, “intrusive” help and the courage to present brutal truths are the qualities that PACE defines “REAL”. With “Real-ness” at heart and mind, we are always striving to provide REAL Help to transform organizations to achieve Real Results.