Lily Cheng, PACE O.D. Consulting’s CEO and founder, has attained her doctorate in Education from Monash University. Her doctoral thesis, titled Enablers that Positively Impact Successful Implementation of Organisational Change from the Perspectives of OD Practitioners, is an extension of Armenakis and Bedeian’s (1999) content-context-process change framework with her identification of nine enablers that are essential to successful organisational change.

Under the content dimension, the enablers found are (1) perceived gap, (2) desired state and (3) consistency of change message. Under the context dimension, the enablers found are (1) addressing emotional responses, (2) trust and credibility, and (3) transformational change agents. Under the process dimension, the enablers found are (1) involving and engaging, (2) communicating, and (3) monitoring of change initiative.

Dr. Cheng also recognises the possible interplay between the factors across different dimensions, and suggests that the context, content and process of change work in an integrated way.

The OD community has lauded Dr. Cheng’s research work as “a rare interpretive study on the enablers of OD” where “the research was conducted using important questions and based on a thorough process.”