An intimate dinner and dialogue session with Dr. Bill Isaacs Genuine Leadership, Genuine Dialogue, an intimate dinner and dialogue session with Dr. Isaacs, was held on the 15th of May at Lowercase, LASALLE College of the Arts. Organised by PACE O.D. Consulting, the event brought together more than 50 senior leaders from industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Aviation, Manufacturing and Information Technology.

The evening began with Dr. Isaacs introducing the concept of Dialogue via pair activities that aimed to allow attendees to experience the benefits of dialogue. This paved the way for further activities to challenge the way conversations typically occurs. The highlight of the evening was Dr. Isaacs’ sharing of the four dialogic practices—voicing, listening, respecting and suspending—that are essential for successful dialogue. Through these four practices, organisational leaders gained greater perspective on what it takes to build a conducive, protected environment that will enable thinking together.

PACE O.D. Consulting will be pioneering Dr. Isaacs’ groundbreaking work in Singapore. The Singapore faculty for Dialogos comprising of Dr. Lily Cheng, Dr. Peter Cheng, Jean Lee, Fione Goh, Rey Subing, Gabrielle Lee and George Zheng will facilitate the Art of Thinking Together workshop experience for participants in this region. This transformational journey will be available to a select number of organisations from July 2014 onwards as they aim to harness collective intelligence for unprecedented possibilities.