An afternoon of insightful discussion and sharing by Dr. Bill Isaacs

An exclusive workshop on Collective Leadership, organised by PACE O.D. Consulting and conducted by Dr. Isaacs, was held on the 12th of May at the Education Resource Centre in NUS UTown. The workshop was attended by approximately 60 senior leaders and HR managers from a variety of industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, Infocomm, Education and the government sector.

The afternoon began with Dr. Isaacs setting the context for Collective Leadership. Given the exponential development of mega trends on a global scale, he established that Collective Leadership would be necessary to overcome these challenging circumstances. Dr. Isaacs also illustrated the impact of Collective Leadership via the success stories of organisations such as Pixar, US Forest Service and even the governments of Albania and Nepal.

The concept of intentional blindness was introduced via an interesting video exercise. This was related back to how organisational leaders today are often so focused on a certain objective that they overlook other pressing issues. Attendees were then asked to form groups with their colleagues to discuss how they could create an environment wherethey do not miss important matters and dialogue is encouraged.

Dr. Isaacs ushered in the flame model representing the different layers in an organisation. The core of any organisation is its identity, which affects the tone, then structure, and finally actions. Using this model, Dr. Isaacs prompted each organisation to map a challenge that they were currently facing.

The workshop concluded with a Question & Answer segment where several stimulating questions were asked regarding challenges faced when creating organisational change.

PACE O.D. Consulting will be pioneering Dr. Isaacs’ groundbreaking work in Singapore. The Singapore faculty for Dialogos comprising of Dr. Lily Cheng, Dr. Peter Cheng, Jean Lee, Fione Goh, Rey Subing, Gabrielle Lee and George Zheng will facilitate the Art of Thinking Together workshop experience for participants in this region. This transformational journey will be available to a select number of organisations from July 2014 onwards as they aim to harness collective intelligence for unprecedented possibilities.

About Dialogos

Dialogos was founded in 1995 to promote the practice and development of dialogue and generative change. For two decades, these groundbreaking methodologies have helped clients around the world discover new forms of leadership and organisational transformation. The firm traces its roots to 1990, when Dr. William Isaacs co-founded the Center for Organisational Learning with Peter Senge at MIT, a consortium of 25 leading companies dedicated to cross-organisational learning and change. This groundbreaking work, supported by seminal theory, would lay the practical foundation for Dialogos. Visit for more information.

About Dr. Isaacs

Dr. William (Bill) Isaacs is Founder and President of Dialogos and a Senior Lecturer at the Sloan School of Management. He is a leading authority on dialogue, collective leadership and large system transformation. His book, Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together, has been translated into many languages, including Swedish, Chinese, and Hebrew. It was featured by Fast Company as a guide to “the secret of good informal conversation,” and has been acclaimed by a variety of reviewers as the definitive guide to profound change through speaking and listening.