In their book Great by Choice, Collins and Hansen shared valuable insights from their research on successful organisations:

“Successful companies are distinguished by a single, most important factor: the better choices that were made by organisational leaders as they build and sustain a strong culture.”

Building a Corporate Culture

Organisational culture does not happen overnight. It has to be built through a series of steps directed by the management team. The following four steps are crucial in ensuring a culture that sticks.

Step I: Articulation - This reflects how leaders project his or her message on what the desired culture looks like. It is important for an organisation’s leader, particularly the founder, to be very clear about his or her intent, and the values that he or she wishes the employees to live out.

Step II: Cascading - This involves the selection and engagement of various possible methodologies to effectively communicate the intent of the core values and ensuring that everybody down the line understands what it means to embrace those values.

Step III: Realisation and Alignment - This is where efforts are made to ensure that all employees can appreciate what it means to live out each value that is espoused.

Step IV: Sustenance - This involves the reiteration of members’ behaviours to consistently live out the values that a company has articulated, cascaded, realised and aligned.

Your Organisation Culture Checklist:

  • Is there understanding of the leverage points for creating competitive advantage through employee engagement?
  • Do employees have the intellectual, social and psychological capacity to engage?
  • Do people feel safe and free to engage?