1. Do It, Then Fix It, As You Go When organisations obsess over perfection, it hinders the actions required for productive organisational behaviours in response to the dynamics of market trends and needs. Instead, you should be willing to proceed with what you’ve got in hand, and fix it along the way.

2. Be Unreasonable

Many organisations have done only reasonably well. And this is because they think reasonably and make reasonable decisions. To stand out, you must dare to be unreasonable in your decision-making, demands, and risk-taking. This way, the outcome will be unreasonably different from the pack, and this outcome will be unreasonably excellent.

3. No One Right View, Only Diverse Views

No two thumbprints are the same—each person is unique. Advances in any field are a product of cumulative contributions from different people with personal points of view. Organisations should create an environment that leverages on team diversity by recognising different views.

4. Focus On People, Not Profits

Products and services don’t make profits, people do. People are the impetus behind the marketing efforts of all products and services. So focus on people, and profits will be your by-product. Do this by taking time to appreciate your employees and caring for their well-being. This forms the cornerstone of building employee commitment towards creating a great organisation that they are part of.

5. People Are Not Assets, Only The Right People Are

Right people are the ones whose personal values are aligned with the organisation’s. As values dictate our behaviours, people with the right values commit themselves beyond their job descriptions. To ensure that you recruit, revitalise, and retain the right people: adopt a value-based recruitment process, realign the values of existing employees, and reaffirm those with congruent values.

6. Quality Over Quantity

Have you positively impacted your organisation and colleagues as a result of the learning programs you have undergone? If the learning remains tacit within you, then learning has not taken place. It is not about completing as many learning programs as possible, but rather, deriving impactful and practical applications from them. Think of specific actions and tasks to do. Ensure that there are visible indicators to measure the level of learning.

7. Shred Your Wish List and Make a Want List

Many of us wish we could conquer mountains in our lives. Sir Edmund Hilary conquered Mount Everest because he wanted it so badly. A wish list will remain a wish till you want it so badly for you to turn it into a reality. So don’t settle for wishing, make it a want. Make a want list and not a wish list today!

8. Sunset Precedes Sunrise

There are many of us who have always been fascinated with the beauty of sunrise and the serenity of the sunset. The fact is that we are looking at the same source of light. Sunset precedes and paves the way for sunrise. Are you dwelling on a “sunset” feeling and somewhat in despair? Despair no more because at the turn of dawn, sunrise comes again. Reflect on an incident that set you back in your personal or professional life, and focus on the lessons that this event has taught you. Work on those teachable moments and be strengthened to take on the next challenge when the sun rises.

9. Don’t Resign but Re-sign

“The grass is always greener on the other side”, so the saying goes. Effective employees turn yellow pastures to green pastures by demonstrating competence, confidence, and commitment. There will be moments when your pasture will look yellow and next-door’s green. Whatever the case is, be effective; don’t resign but re-sign your commitment to make your pasture so green that it becomes the envy of those around you.