With Guest Speakers Mr. Jonathan Kua and Dr. Nadina Jose 23 October 2015 | Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

This inaugural conference, “Leading Restless Organisations with Real Leadership” featured keynote sessions from Mr. Jonathan Kua, Group Director, Industry Development for Agency forScience, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Dr. Nadina Jose, Managing Director and CEO of Anidan Group.

The speakers passionately addressed the subject on how to Lead Restless Organisations with Real Leadership, with engagement activities facilitated by Dr. Peter Cheng and Dr. Lily Cheng of PACE O.D. Consulting.


Mr. Jonathan Kua set the context of the conference by sharing his insights and experiences on how to lead restless organisations, provoking the thoughts of the participants by defining the term restlessness that set the stage of more exciting sharing to follow.

Engaging the delegates with the characteristics of a restless organisation, he explored the question "So what kind of leader is needed to create and lead a restless organisation and how can a leader achieve that?”

Jonathan answered these questions by describing the attributes of a restless leader and sharinghis own life long professional experiences in leading different “restless organisations” as a leader.

After the keynote session by Jonathan, Dr. Peter Cheng facilitated a “Wisdom of Crowds" activity to reinforce the key learning points, engaging delegates to suggest strategies toward being a restless organisation. It was amazing to see loads of ideas flowing from the participating leaders!


In the afternoon segment, Dr. Nadina Jose took the stage for the next exciting learning topic of the conference, “Real Leadership in the Real World”. She opened the session by describing the dilemma leaders face when they wrestle with staying true to their values in the light of experiencing tough situations at work. She expounded on how leaders could stay real to themselves while navigating through them.

Later, she touched on the qualities of Real Leaders who demonstrate 6Cs in their leadership capacity: Competence, Creating an Inclusive Environment, Compassion, Conviction with Courage, Credibility and Character. She referred to examples from her personal learning journey in her professional roles as a doctor, entrepreneur and a business leader.

Dr. Lily Cheng took the stage with an engagement activity, leading delegates in a time of discussion and reflection on the implications of leaders who have conviction with courage, conviction with no courage or no conviction with courage. The discussion pointed to the need for leaders to have conviction and courage to be a REAL leader, with delegates contributing relevant challenges and examples observed in their work environment.


The conference successfully concluded with a panel discussion with Dr. Nadina Jose, Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng, made lively by the relevant quality questions that were raised by delegates.

The feedback garnered affirmed that this conference has been beneficial for all. Overall, 100% of delegates rated the event as good, with more than 50% rating it as an excellent event.

One of the delegates said, “It’s been enriching. I managed to rub shoulders with senior management from different walks of lives, from different organisations and different industries. Their experiences and journeys have inspired me, given me courage and conviction to go on from here to my own company. This journey has been real.”

Some other comments:

"Overall, it was a good learning platform where these are the leaders who shared the insights.”

“I have been a President or Vice President for so long ,but I have never really thought about what is real leadership or restless leadership. Today’s session was something really new to me.”

"The speaker shared a lot of information and we were able to learn a lot. This event exceeded my expectation.


On 22 January 2016, PACE O.D. Consulting will be organising OD Conference entitled “Fostering Collaboration Across Cultures and Generations.” This event will focus on how to enhance collaboration among diverse workforce in this multi cultural and multi generational society to enhance an organisation’s competitive advantage.

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