Reflections and thoughts by Jonathan Edward
OD Catalyst

I remember a trip to the music store with my dad when I was younger. He wanted to buy a stereo system to play his favourite jazz albums that he loved to play at night after coming back from a long day at work. The salesperson came up to us and asked my dad for the size of the room in which he was going to place the sound system, and other questions to help him pick out the best stereo system and speakers for his needs. -. He did his job of “selling” the right system by listening, understanding and providing expert feedback by adding “value” to the sale before the items were purchased. 

I followed suit in my dad’s passion for music and took up the bass guitar. I recently purchased a bass guitar from an online store based in Germany, which was recommended by a fellow musician. The sale transaction was as simple as scrolling through the website of this online store, clicking on the bass with the colour and specification I wanted, and clicking “Buy.” There was an occasional pop-up box at the side of the screen that said, “Chat with one of our customer representatives.”  

The high-touch of the older days that we’re familiar with has now changed in today’s digital environment with many of our transactions exchanged over a high-tech platform. On one hand, such a digital platform can lack the warmth of a face-to-face interaction. On the other hand, this same digital platform enables us to connect with others thousands of miles away in an instant, saving us the cost and energy of long haul flights! My bass guitar was eventually shipped right to my doorstep in Singapore a week after the purchase.  

In this digital age, we need to embrace, adapt and apply high-tech measures in our businesses. But the key to sustaining customer loyalty comes with building authentic relationships with your customers through the marriage of high-tech and high-touch. 

“Touch” doesn’t necessarily have to involve a physical touch or a face-to-face interaction. It is ultimately about having a connection with the ones whom you serve.  Here are some ways that we can adopt high-tech without losing high-touch:

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Technology has afforded us ways to reach the masses, as well as many whom we may not otherwise have had the chance to come into contact with. We need to seize the contact points that high-tech offers us, augmenting our service with high-touch connections.

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