Ask the OD Doctors Live: What if my needs are more personal and home-related (e.g. children)? How do I have them fulfilled when I'm at work?

In our third episode of Ask the OD Doctors Live, Dr. Peter Cheng shared about employee motivation — a very pressing issue especially here in Singapore where employees are found to be the least engaged in Asia! In this short journal post, Peter shares his thoughts on one of the questions we received from the audience!

Needs can be personal and/or professional. In your case, it is a personal need. It is not surprising that personal needs are not met in an organisational context. I suppose you have an expectation of having your personal needs met at the workplace, like being able to attend to your children when you are at work. When it is not met, you will find this becoming an energy drainer, inevitably affecting your motivation at work, unless you take ownership to effectively manage it.

The good news is that you can work on your circle of influence, asking yourself “what can I do to have my personal needs met?” Some possible actions within your control include requesting for a flexible working schedule, taking annual leave, requesting for time off, arranging for domestic help, having your in-laws help you, taking turns with your spouse to attend to your children, sending them to a day-care centre, and the list goes on.

Most organisations still have not incorporated family-friendly practices to accommodate the domestic needs of their employees. Hence, the ownership to motivate yourself lies within your hands as you identify the circle of influence you have over the energy drainer you might be experiencing. On a related note, my advice to employers whose employees have such energy drainers, is to find ways to facilitate the meeting of domestic needs with their employees.

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