By Vivienne Liu

Research & Development Specialist

In light of the rise in corporate frauds and scandals in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape, stakeholders have grown more cautious and demanding of business leaders. Followers within the organisation (a.k.a. constituents), in particular, are amongst many other stakeholders who continually evaluate their leaders, only giving their full commitment to leaders whom they deem worthy of following. As a result, business leaders are now challenged to go beyond traditional leadership practices and competencies in order to meet today’s expectations and thrive as leaders.

It is in this VUCA business climate that Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng set out to help leaders better engage, inspire, and transform their constituents to attain higher levels of excellence for organisational success. With empirical data from more than 30 years of practitioner experience in developing leaders across over 14 countries and interviews with 21 CEOs of various organisations, they identified 8 Essentials of Real Leadership (previously discussed in our special nine-part series featured in Real Issues) and developed the online Real Leaders 360º Feedback Assessment System with leadership behavioural statements they observed.

Earlier this year, Lily and Peter concluded a follow up research that aimed to validate the internal reliability of their assessment tool and test a set of hypothesised outcomes of Real Leaders’ behaviours on their constituents. The 407 responses from professionals acrossvarious industries not only confirmed the reliability of the Real Leaders 360º Feedback Assessment System, but also revealed that the 8 Essentials of Real Leaders are predictive of 27 hypothesised positive outcomes amongst constituents:

The study also suggests that the 8 Essentials work in conjunction to produce the predictive results found. Thus, it is of utmost importance that leaders develop their 8 Essentials holistically instead of working on certain Essentials in silos.

In our VUCA business world where corporate fraud has increased and one in three employees doesn’t trust their employer (Edelman Trust Barometer 2016), we are in need of Real Leaders who are guided by a set of values, morals and ethical conduct. The essence of WHO they are — their admirable Character, Conviction with Courage and Credibility — influences WHAT they do as leaders: they demonstrate Competence, Create an Inclusive Environment and show Compassion for others. Gain access to our Real LeadersTM total leadership development solutions on your leadership journey at our event Real Leaders Essentials: Engage, Inspire and Transform on 21 July 2017.