By Joel Cheng

Director, Strategic Partnerships (ODI)


April was certainly an exciting month for the ODI team! On the 19th of April, we embarked on a week-long trip to Taiwan for the launch of our Real LeadersTM programme, as well as the running of two Real LeadersTM workshops.

Together with BICS, our licensed partner in Taiwan, we co-facilitated our flagship leadership programme over two sessions involving a select group of managers in Kaohsiung and a team from an MNC in Taipei.

On the 21st of April, BICS organised a Leadership Forum and live panel discussion in Taipei as a platform for leaders to interact and network. At the forum, Dr. Peter Cheng highlighted key insights from our recently released white paper on the 27 positive outcomes of Real Leaders on their constituents. The forum also provided a platform for Dr. Lily Cheng to share about our Real LeadersTM total leadership development solutions in greater detail. 

We are immensely grateful for the partnership of BICS and the leaders from different industries whom we had an opportunity to engage and impact through the trip. We strongly believe that our trip to Taiwan has kickstarted Real LeadersTM’s success in the region!

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