By Joel Cheng

Director, Strategic Partnerships (ODI)



Hello Readers!

For the first quarter of the year we were focused on trying out new strategies to reach out to new potential partners. Through this process we learnt a few valuable lessons which we’d like to share, in hopes that you might benefit from these insights as you navigate your own global partnership landscape.

Plan well, but adapt quickly In our initial research, we thought we had honed in on a new way to reach out and attract partners. It was a new approach that was sound and made sense. However after a few waves of attempts, we came to the conclusion that it wasn't effective as we’d envisioned and thus had to make the call to adapt.

When in doubt, return to tried and tested methods After not obtaining much success from our new approach, we changed our strategy quickly and doubled down on tighter research of potential partners coupled with cold-calling. This quickly produced results as we managed to secure appointments with potential partners in Hong Kong and Dubai, with discussions still progressing.

In other news, we’ll be flying up to Taipei in late April to officially launch Real Leaders with BICS! They’ll be hosting PACE at a leadership conference, where we’ll share the recently published results of our white paper on Real Leaders.

As part of the launch, PACE will be running a 2-day Real Leaders workshop for a selected group of Taiwanese leaders (handpicked by BICS) as well as a group from an MNC in the automotive industry. We’re looking forward to helping to kickstart Real Leaders in Taiwan and we strongly believe that these events will give both BICS and PACE the right boost to start off on the right foot!

Interested to find out more about PACE ODI and our products? Drop us a note at connect@pace-od.com!