By Joel Cheng

Director, Strategic Partnerships (ODI)


Just last week, we successfully held another edition in our Corporate Buyer Showcase Series.

On Friday, 23rd Sept, we held our first Real Performance showcase where we delved into the topic of “Having Meaningful Conversations”. This format of engaging current and potential customers has proven popular with even more sign-ups and engagements from our previous showcase.

In the half-day event, 31 people from 17 different organisations benefitted from Dr Lily Cheng’s expertise and they all left feeling positively impacted. Also as a result of the showcase, we managed to have a 71% lead conversion, thus vindicating our continued efforts in producing and hosting these showcases. Moving forward, we will continue to look both locally and internationally to expand our OD reach!

As we head into the last quarter of the year, the ODI team will focus on generating more and more leads overseas for partnerships, as well as to strategise our growth for the next year.

Interested to find out more about PACE ODI and our products? Drop us a note at connect@pace-od.com!