By Dr. Peter Cheng

Co-Founder & Chief Dialogue Officer

Every month, we share a Real Story to celebrate the joint success of a working partner who has transformed their organisation through various OD interventions. This month, we share how we helped one of the giants in automotive manufacturing crafted and articulated a shared vision for change, that was effectively communicated to all its regional offices.

Starting off on the right foot, our partner firmly believes that having a shared vision which is embraced by all its employees and management alike is imperative for organisational success. In this OD initiative, our partner’s key intent was to make its vision explicit by having clearly articulated vision statements that were understood by members of the organisation, even in its regional countries.

Over a 3-month period, PACE worked closely with the partner's vision committee to deliver the interventions that were divided into several phases. Through an interactive workshop with the leaders who would champion the vision articulation, the statements of the organisation’s 4 vision pillars were refined and vividly internalised. The PACE team also designed, developed and conducted a train-the-trainer program for selected representatives to train more than 24,000 staff across regions, thus enabling these employees to be a part of the shared language of transformation.

Today, our partner has successfully rolled out the refined vision and employees have been enlisted to be on board as the organisation continues to look at how the vision statements can be made more meaningful in their daily work. 

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