REAL RESEARCH: The People Climate in 2017

Real Research: THE PEOPLE CLIMATE IN 2017


by Vivienne Liu

Research & Development Specialist


As more millennials join the workforce in 2017, we can continue to expect a growth in corporate learning and development. According to Bersin (2016a), most millennials (22%) listed training and development as the number one job benefit on their wish list, topping flexible working hours (19%) and cash bonuses (14%). As a result, organisations are expected to increase their investments in people development programmes to remain attractive to their employees.

In particular, people development programmes will continue to evolve in the way they are being delivered. With consistent pressures of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the invention of new HR technologies, organisations are expected to increasingly digitalise these initiatives.

Three big themes will characterise the learning and development space: integrated learning environments, learning analytics, and microlearning.


Learning Analytics

Creating personalised learning

  • Individuals learn at their own pace depending on their grasp of each topic
  • L&D team can customise learning content specific to the job scope


Monitoring learning

  • Supervisors and L&D teams can track each individual’s learning progress and implement targeted intervention
  • L&D teams can better understand learning behaviours and improve the system



  • Seamless synchronisation of information
  • Access content from various locations and resume right where you left off

Optimised for mobile devices

  • Access content on-the-go through mobile devices

Supports social learning

  • Promotes collaboration
  • Interaction with others and leveraging on collective wisdom




• Leverages on mobile devices’ interactive features to facilitate learning

• A fun learning experience for users

• Instant feedback on user’s progress through quizzes and assessments


Bite-sized videos

• Leverages on rich media to facilitate learning

• Convenient for on-the-go learning

• Users can revisit the concept at their own pace and time


What can leaders and HR teams do to prepare themselves for the digital age in people development?


Embrace the digital revolution.

Leaders and HR teams must firstly acknowledge that the revolution in technologies is real and unavoidable. Instead of holding on to the traditional ways of doing things, they should maintain a change mentality, ready to make radical transformation to stay relevant.


Develop digital strategies

Moving forward, we can expect everything to be digitised. So instead of having technology as a nice add-on to current processes and practices, leaders and HR teams need to redefine their strategies and develop ones with technology and digitisation at the core of everything they do. In particular, HR teams should look into how they can incorporate the Design Thinking method and people analytics to create better employee experiences.


Commit to continuous learning.

With the rapid change in the technology landscape, leaders and HR teams need to constantly update themselves. This means investing time and resources in keeping up with news and continuously adopting new tools at a fast pace.


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