ASK THE OD DOCTORS: In Constant Change, Let Your Shared Vision Be The Constant

Ask The OD Doctors: In Constant Change, Let Your Shared Vision Be The Constant

Reflections and Thoughts by Dr. Lily Cheng

Founder and Chief OD Catalyst

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We know that leaders are expected to be adaptable and flexible to the changing landscape of both the business and customers’ expectations. Does it mean that in order for us to thrive in change, we will need to continuously review our strategies? Certainly.

But how about our vision amidst the change? How can we leverage on vision to be the constant that will help organisations ride on the waves of constant change?

Having a clear and well-articulated vision

It’s important that leaders provide employees with a clear and well-articulated vision that gives them a corporate sense of being. Even if the environment becomes turbulent with growing complexity, the company vision functions as a beacon to provide clarity in one’s direction. 

What Leaders Can Do:

Use the power of sights to help develop the organisational vision:

  1. Hindsight (looking back)
  2. Insight (looking in)
  3. Outsight (looking out)
  4. Foresight (looking forward)

Making a shared vision meaningful

Having a vision that employees can draw a strong sense of meaning from will be key in the constant change. This is why the vision has to be shared with them and involve their buy-in. Being able to inspire a shared vision with your employees will generate strong commitment for them to deal with uncertainties in constant change. A shared vision provides the team with the driving force to create breakthroughs or transformations needed in a constantly changing environment.

What Leaders Can Do:

Ask your employees these questions, and listen deeply to their responses.

  1. What are they passionate about at work?
  2. What difference would they like to make in the workplace/industry?
  3. What common goals do they have with you?

Developing a strong corporate culture with the vision as a foundation

A shared vision is also the foundation for developing a strong corporate culture that employees can embrace to realise the vision collectively. This provides a shared sense of responsibility that encourages leaders and employees to collaborate instead of compete.

What Leaders Can Do:

  1. Role Model the Culture
  2. Language- Use figures of speech and analogies to enhance communication
  3. Reward and recognise behaviours that demonstrate the corporate culture 

It's not just a vision that needs to be a constant, but a shared vision that needs to be the constant.

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