OD Bites: Visioning Made Easy

OD Bites: Visioning Made Easy

Adapted from The Language of Organisational Development

By Sarah Cheng-De Winne

Marketing Director



Many people think that “Visioning” is a high-level concept that is hard to flesh out — but that’s not true. All of us can develop strong personal vision for ourselves, and as leaders we can also help to build deep and compelling visions for our teams, and even organisations. That’s because a vision is simply a description of the future as if it is happening right now. So what makes up a compelling vision?

  1. The Ideal future state — describe all the aspects of the vision in as much detail as you can. Who is in this vision? Where are you? What makes this vision so vastly different from the “today” that you are experiencing?
  2. Uniqueness of the vision — how is this vision different from what already exists out there? How does it relate unique to your gifts, your position and your personality?
  3. A Common Good that all stakeholders can benefit from — think about and communicate how this vision will add value to all who are involved.


When you’ve developed a strong personal vision, it’ll be much easier to see how your vision integrates with the organisation’s in a compelling way. You’ll even start to have fun at visioning exercises - and you can help others in your team develop their visions too. The team that’s working with you will be more inspired to find out how their personal visions integrate with the team and organisation’s  visions, and in no time everyone will be working in ways that actually align towards a collective, shared vision.