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Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Brilliant Insight International Consultancy Service (BICS) was established with the aim of using diagnosis and planning by a team of experts, to provide organisations with a synergy of integrated solutions that can be concretely implemented to achieve specific business results and enhance their competitive advantage.

BICS believes that real learning occurs when employees learn new knowledge and skills through effective training and guided feedback. This is when new behaviours begin to form. To be able to apply their knowledge, organisations must provide a highly supportive learning atmosphere.

BICS's work focuses on organisational culture and the mindset change of employees. They are shaped by the responsibility to guide the behaviour of employees from the "will do" attitude to being practitioners with a dedicated attitude. BICS believes that talent is the most profitable commodity and strives to help organisations improve in their autonomy, thus enhancing the value and effectiveness of human capital.

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