Bethany Lee

Team Lead, OD Academy

As a R&D Executive at PACE OD Consulting, Bethany focuses on the innovation and content curation for OD solutions, in hopes to impact and transform leaders and organisations who are exposed to the company. Not only is she enriching the digital learning resources PACE provides, but also expanding to produce videos to explore innovation in more creative ways.

Having recently joined PACE, Bethany aims to get out of her comfort zone, squeeze out her brain juices, and maximise her potential by utilising her strengths! Through working in a fast-paced environment, she hopes to work efficiently and productively, but also to find balance between work quality and time.

Bethany spent her first 19 years living in Bangkok, where she had her primary and secondary education, before moving to Singapore to study Life Sciences at National University of Singapore. Despite being an avid homebody, you can frequently catch her outdoors playing basketball or out at a café with a friend!



  • BSc. (Life Science) - National University of Singapore

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