Dr. Barry Posner




The co-author of the internationally acclaimed and best-selling book The Leadership Challenge®, Dr. Barry Posner is an internationally renowned scholar who has published more than 85 research- and practitioner-oriented articles.

Described as a warm, engaging and pragmatic conference speaker and dynamic workshop facilitator, Posner has made presentations and conducted workshops across the U.S. and around the globe.

The Leadership Challenge® is based on 25 years of research with several thousands of personal best leadership stories collated from ordinary people who were community leaders, student leaders, church leaders and government leaders, among others. A model of leadership was then developed from an analysis of these cases, and was subsequently accompanied by a quantitative instrument - the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). The Leadership Challenge® and its authors have received various awards.


PACE is honoured to have had the opportunity to co-facilitate a workshop with Posner in September 2011 for the public service sector of Singapore. Our longstanding partner relationship with him adds value to our customers in the delivery of The Leadership Challenge® workshops.

We have also collaborated with Posner and co-author Jim Kouzes, on The Leadership Challenge® workshop and materials. This partnership has brought about the feature of leadership success stories from PACE's clients in the 5th edition of The Leadership Challenge® book.