Anh Tran


As a manager at PACE OD Consulting, Anh's tenacity and determination is exemplified in the high quality of work she consistently produces - not only for external clients but also internal customers.

Since joining the company, she’s worked as a key contributor alongside senior management team in PACE OD Consulting, PACE OD International and PACE OD Academy to catalyse the development of new and innovative OD solutions as well as reaching out to like-minded partners over the world. She is involved in the planning and execution of multiple projects and have seen those projection come to fruition. She is a natural multi-tasker and project manager who takes delight in excellence and a job well done.

She began her career in PACE with an open mind that allowed her to be deeply exposed to the dynamic working worlds of large enterprises and MNCs locally and internationally. Committed and highly efficient, Anh possesses a work ethic that “never-says-die”. Her personal commitment to constant self-improvement is most evident in the disciplined reading habit that she keeps. She also enjoys spending time in the gym for classes especially Bodypump and Bodycombat.

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