about PACE


At PACE, we commit to being Real.

We're authentic in all our dealings and relationships. We’re courageous to articulate the truth. We develop internal and external bonds that will hold us together despite facing real challenges of working together, to advance our clients' organisations.

We embrace holistic well-being and a higher sense of situational awareness among ourselves — to face our business realities with humility, courage and maturity. We confront brutal facts with actions, not defence. We act in faith with a strong resolve to move our organisation to a better state, through collaborating with all involved.

At PACE, we relentlessly to help leaders be REAL. We're cheerleaders, coaches, authors, mentors, OD doctors,  facilitators, researchers and more — but most of all, we're friends.

We are committed to help leaders build transformational organisations from within: one leader, one team, one person at a time. And with that, true organisation development is the fruit of our intentional efforts to be truer, better and greater versions of ourselves.

Being Real Matters


Against the backdrop of a severe economic downturn in 1998, Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng founded PACE out of a desire to help organisations perform above challenging environments.

Since 1998, PACE has stayed true to its purpose of advancing organisations and people through OD, to provide real solutions to its clients’ people and leadership challenges.
Today, PACE has grown into a multi-cultural team of professional and highly talented individuals who use their diverse experiences and deep expertise to develop, design, and deliver research-based OD solutions. 



Our Vision

Helping organisations realise their shared aspirations with authenticity to attain organisational excellence. 


Our Mission

We facilitate authentic stakeholder engagement through OD solutions that transform leaders, people and organisations.